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Rave Review: Rosmech has more advanced sweeper

Rosmech and Scarab Sweepers are continuing to move forward in leaps and bounds with their range of technologically advanced sweepers. In 2011 we saw the introduction of the latest version of the CANbus Control System across the Scarab Range. After only a few months in operation within Australia, Rosmech are receiving rave reviews on this latest development with many operators enjoying the benefits the Version 3 CANbus has to offer.

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Ideal for Inner City Areas, Parks & Footpaths: The Azura MC 200

With spring just around the corner, councils are busy planning their spring sweeping programs to ensure their inner city areas, footpaths, parks and open spaces are inviting to the influx of residents making the most of the warmer weather. The ideal sweeper for undertaking these sweeping tasks is the efficient and environmentally friendly Azura MC 200. With its 4-wheel steer in service mode, adjustable sweeping width from 1280mm to 2450mm and its compact size it can manoeuvre in tight spaces with greater flexibility.

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Maintaining Clean Roads

Street Cleaning is an essential part of any council’s environmental concerns and choosing the right machine for the job can be a complex decision. One engine or two seems to be the first question asked and with many councils looking towards more environmentally conscious options this has pushed the Scarab Merlin to the forefront.

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Introducing the New Scarab Minor Euro 5 Model

At Rosmech Sales & Service we are committed to providing our customers with Sweepers utilising the latest in technology. With benefits to suit both our customers and the environment, we are pleased to introduce the next generation in Compact Sweepers, the new and improved Scarab Minor VM Euro 5.

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A Superior Machine

This machine was a compact and very user friendly piece of equipment. Its small size allowed for excellent maneuverability and the turning circle was superior to the other machines tested. We had over 2 days with this machine and there was no stone left unturned.

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After Sales Support Leads The Way

Following the demonstration of all sweepers, it was unanimous amongst operators and mechanics that the Scarab Mistral Sweeper from Rosmech was the most suitable for Council's use.

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The Advantages Of The Scarab Merlin

The distinct feature of the Scarab Merlin is the hydrostatic drive which operates the transmission and sweeping functions through the drive engine, thereby dispensing the need for an auxiliary engine.

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The Scarab Mistral, Conventionally Engineered

"The Scarab Mistral has a conventionally engineered configuration with an auxiliary engine to power the sweeper systems, and is similar in size and capacity to the MacDonald Johnston VS500.

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Cleaning Up - 100th UD-based Sweeper

South Australian company Rosmech has passed a significant milestone with the delivery of the 100th UD-based street sweeper to an Australian council.

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One Lump or Two - by Malcom Bates

Next to the regular collection of domestic waste, there is perhaps no better sign of a civilized society that the cleanliness of its streets. But there's a heated debate-taking place at present, between the exponents of traditional twin-engine truck-mounted highway sweepers and those who suggest that a single engine format is the way forward. This debate is a complex one, but there are signs that the single-engine concept is gaining ground.

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