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Introducing the New Scarab Minor

Euro 5 Model

At Rosmech Sales & Service we are committed to providing our customers with Sweepers utilising the latest in technology. With benefits to suit both our customers and the environment, we are pleased to introduce the next generation in Compact Sweepers, the new and improved Scarab Minor VM Euro 5.

The Scarab Minor may be compact, but it towers over its competitors in terms of sweeping capacity, efficiency and power. With its 2.0m³ capacity stainless steel hopper and 2170mm sweep width thanks to a unique four brush sweeping pattern, the Scarab Minor can sweep more effectively and for a greater amount of time, minimising down time for dumping. Adding to the units’ versatility there is also an on-board 420litre water tank and a heavy duty water pump which powers the low-pressure front spray bar, brush and suction nozzle jets. With so many features it’s no surprise the Scarab Minor is an industry favourite.

Once inside the cab the features continue, with Air Conditioning, increased head and shoulder room and greater visibility through improved doors and windows. The unit is controlled by an updated version of the CANbus system, which has been successfully used by Scarab in previous models. Comfort, modern technology and being user friendly are all attributes of the Scarab Minor.

With its 3.0 litre VM Euro 5 compliant, turbo diesel engine and compact size the Scarab Minor has a travel speed of up to 65kmph. The speed and efficiency of the unit makes it ideal for many types of work, including footpath and urban street sweeping to warehouse and precinct sweeping.

If you are interested in further information or a demonstration of this unit or any other sweeper in the Rosmech range contact our head office on 08 8182 7777.