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Maintaining Clean Roads

Street Cleaning is an essential part of any council’s environmental concerns and choosing the right machine for the job can be a complex decision. One engine or two seems to be the first question asked and with many councils looking towards more environmentally conscious options this has pushed the Scarab Merlin to the forefront.

The Scarab Merlin Suction Road Sweeper is a versatile truck mounted unit capable of handling the toughest of sweeping jobs. It is equipped with Scarab’s unique well-proven and successful Single-Engine Hydrostatic drive system to operate the transmission and all sweeper functions. This enables the sweeper to be driven as a conventional vehicle to site and then to be engaged for sweeping, allowing the vehicle to be driven hydrostatically. The system gives all the advantages of a considerable variable speed control to optimise sweeping, without the need to change gear for reversing, reducing slipping and wear of the clutch and the use of brakes and clutch to control speed on hills. Indeed, the vehicle engine needs only to be running at around 1200 rpm, ensuring long life.

The suction fan, which is mounted on the hopper top, is a very efficient dynamically balanced multi blade centrifugal unit. The fact that it is on the hopper top means the airflow from the suction nozzle, fitted with four manually adjustable water sprays - to the fan is virtually a straight line making the Scarab Merlin extremely efficient, thereby significantly reducing the power requirements. Thus this single engine set-up can help preserve our environment whilst minimising operational costs.

If you are interested in further information or a demonstration of this unit or any other sweeper in the Rosmech range contact our head office on 08 8182 7777.