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Rosmech has more advanced sweeper

Rosmech and Scarab Sweepers are continuing to move forward in leaps and bounds with their range of technologically advanced sweepers. In 2011 we saw the introduction of the latest version of the CANbus Control System across the Scarab Range. After only a few months in operation within Australia, Rosmech are receiving rave reviews on this latest development with many operators enjoying the benefits the Version 3 CANbus has to offer.

With comfortable ergonomic design and positioning the CANbus Control System is designed with simplicity in mind, now boasting only nineteen (19) buttons on the main key pad and six (6) buttons on each door pod along with a separate 5.7 inch LCD colour monitor. To ensure visibility of the control panel when the sweeper is working both during the day and night, each key pad and door pod button is backlit and consists of a graphical symbol for easy identification. Also, when the buttons are activated they will sound a buzzer and illuminate upon operation.

The LCD monitor provides an easy to follow display of the brush operation and pre-selected functions as well as providing access to adjust functions easily to suit the particular sweeping application. The CANbus Control System is renowned for its capabilities in tracking sweeping hours and kilometres along with providing fault finding and maintenance diagnostics. The Version 3 CANbus is no exception and boasts extensive menu system on the LCD monitor for quick access to these functions.

The new design now also incorporates a Wander Lead Controller, also referred to as a Pendant Control that is stored within the cab. This means that the external hopper control buttons are no longer required allowing the driver to exit the cab and stand at the rear of the chassis as they operate the hopper and rear door controls. This ensures that the area is clear of any danger and reduces the possibility of damaging the sweeper or the property in the surrounding area.

During a recent delivery in South Australia of the Scarab Mistral Hino with the new CANbus Version 3 Control System operators and workshop personnel were delighted by their new product. They had opted for the Rosmech Scarab Mistral as their choice of sweeper due to the diagnostic capabilities of the CANbus System. This decision was based on the system equating to less down time and easier maintenance and the operators found the CANbus Version 3 System easier to operate due to the fewer buttons than that of our competitor models. Our South Australian customer was so impressed that they have told us that Rosmech definitely have the more advanced sweeper in today’s market.