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A Superior Machine

This machine was a compact and very user friendly piece of equipment. Its small size allowed for excellent maneuverability and the turning circle was superior to the other machines tested. We had over 2 days with this machine and there was no stone left unturned. A comprehensive look over
the pit in the workshop uncovered no hidden problems and a very mechanic friendly machine. All wiring was neat and all serviceable parts easy to remove or replace. The hydrostatic drive was unusual at first but become second nature after half an hour use.

The ability of this machine to sweep only dirty sections of the road and with the flick of a button you could easily travel to the next section of road with speed of up to 60 km/hour whilst you were still in sweep mode. This will be quite an asset and increase productivity (scrubbing the road not just vacuuming it like our current machine).

The high pressure hand lance and detergent kit was an instant hit with operators and there are so many uses for it in maintenance work (graffiti removal, washing bin enclosures, gully flushing, SEP maintenance, footpath spills and cleanups) all this with the added bonus of being able to suck this water up into the machine so it does not effect water courses as well as other various environmental concerns.

Machine clean down will also be done mostly at dump site because of wash kit and this will alleviate double handling of spoil as currently happens and the operator will no longer need to enter bin to clean screens etc because all this is located within arms reach of rear hopper.

The cab space was adequate but well laid out, it seemed small but probably because of sweeper control panels and dual steering just gave the illusion of a small cab, the seats were very comfortable but one comment was they were not really designed for larger framed people, although, the comment was made that it was still comfy. All sweeper controls were ideally placed and of good quality and
all users found the flat panel was best for keeping clean and if needed we could replace the plastic overlay when worn out at a small cost.

The one engine design was completely adequate for everything that was thrown at it including sucking up large quantities of leaf matter, bottles, rubbish and huge puddles of water and if the need arises the centre broom can be brought into action with the press of a button or if doing large single passes of 3.2metres in a wide sweep mode (ideal for sweeping reseals and grape spills) and also being the only machine to be able to use ALL high pressure jets at the same time.

Had a walk through the Rosmech facility and was quite astounded with the work that goes into a twin steer conversion as well as the store and their contractor arm (Enviro Sweep). Had a look at the Scarab Merlin’s in Enviro Sweep’s fleet, with in excess of 10,000 hours of hard work and they are still functioning very well. It was nice to know that help from the manufacturer not supplier was only 200 km’s away with a huge parts holding facility. This may seem trivial but to know that you are talking to the manufacturer no just another poor soul looking in the same workshop manual asking them for help about problems is outstanding for customer back up and service.

Operator Comments…

  • User friendly machine for novice users Reduced fuel costs
    (single engine at 1400 rpm maximum will sweep up anything).
  • Smaller machine and quieter
  • Much easier to clean (less time and do not have to get in bin).
  • Easy inspection of fan and fan wash ability (10 min less in clean up time)
  • A very nice dual steer conversion (2 steering boxes not cross shaft steering)
  • Air-con unit upgraded from factory and relocated behind cab with dual condenser fans
  • Tighter sweeping radius due to brooms mounted closer to front wheel
  • Nozzle flaring for bulk litter pick up
  • No need to have brakes applied constantly to slow ground speed (hydrostatic control)