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Company Background

Rosmech was established in 1974 by Mr. Graham Treloar as a distributor of premium street sweepers. We first marketed the mechanical broom and elevated style Mobil Sweeper, a very durable product that gave Rosmech much success over many years. As the Australian market diversified and matured, Graham undertook extensive research, travelling around the world in search of a range of sweepers to complement the Mobil Sweeper. 

By the late 1980’s suction sweeping had become increasingly prevalent with single engine models introduced to the sweeping industry.  With the demand for sweepers that had suction capabilities firmly on the rise internationally, Rosmech introduced the single engine Scarab Major suction sweeper to their range. The Scarab Major was manufactured in the United Kingdom by Scarab Sweepers Limited, a company with a proven record for developing technologically advanced sweepers.

After guiding the company for many years Graham Treloar retired in June 2000 handing over the reins to Rosmech’s new management team. With a new approach and fresh ideas the directors set about the task of revitalising Rosmech’s brand.

The first step for the directors was to refine the single engine sweeper enabling it to become the well known Scarab Merlin. With significant operational, environmental and performance benefits, the Scarab Merlin has continued to be highly praised for it’s sweeping efficiency and low running costs. To further establish themselves as a supplier of superior sweepers, Rosmech worked closely with Scarab to import the sweepers in kit form to their Salisbury Plain Facility and start assembling them onto the durable Nissan UD manual truck chassis. Customers were so impressed with the new UD mounted Scarab Merlin that Rosmech started receiving requests for an automatic chassis option for their sweepers. With this, Scarab, Rosmech and UD joined forces to bring the UD mounted twin engine Scarab Mistral to the Australian market. The Mistral has proven to be extremely popular and with the added benefit that it can be fitted on a Hino cab chassis it is generating interest with a whole new range of customers.

Soon after the establishment of the truck mounted sweepers on the Australian market, Rosmech sought to complement the range by offering compact and footpath sweepers. The management team undertook further research and development with Scarab which resulted in the robust 4.2 tonne GVM Scarab Minor compact sweeper. In recent years, Rosmech were impressed by the innovative products manufactured by French company Mathieu, a Fayat Group owned company and with this Rosmech was appointed the Australian dealer for their Azura range of footpath sweepers and scrubbers.

In 2009, Rosmech announced the very exciting news that the company was expanding into the Oceania region with the appointment of Rosmech as the official distributor for Scarab Sweepers into New Zealand. This was evidence of Rosmech’s core values and commitment to the Scarab product range, which established the company as a truly superior supplier of street sweepers.

Today Rosmech together with Scarab and Mathieu are actively pursuing new technologies and developing unit’s that are specific to Australia’s requirements. The Scarab and Mathieu franchise is proving to be very popular for Rosmech with more than 330 units sold throughout Australia and New Zealand with the Scarab & Azura range becoming the corner stone of Rosmech’s business.