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Ararat Rural City Council

We are proud to announce the delivery of a new Rosmech Scarab Mistral Street Sweeper to Ararat Rural City Council. With their previous Scarab Major 5000 providing an impressive 10 years of service, the Council decided to upgrade to the Scarab Mistral, impressed by Rosmech's around the clock service and support.

Renowned for its comfortable operating environment, the Isuzu Chassis is equipped with Air Suspension Seats for maximum operator comfort. This powerful Dual Steer Street Sweeper is also fitted with a One Touch Operating System, allowing effortless control and instant feedback should troubleshooting be required. Conveniently located on the left hand side of the unit, Weed Spray is fitted with an 8m Retractable Hose & Spray Gun on Quick Release.

Safety is paramount to both Rosmech and Ararat Rural City Council, and they have opted to include a CCTV System with a Rear View & RHS Gutter Broom Camera alongside a large 6.4 inch Display mounted on the Centre Dash for easy visability from both driving positions.  Visability is important, and Visability Beacons have been fitted to both the front and rear of this unit.

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21st February 2013