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Lend Lease's New Scarab Mistral

We have delivered a new Scarab Mistral on an Isuzu chassis to Lend Lease in Victoria. The picture above was taken at the scenic Queencliffe overlooking Point Lonsdale, the main shipping thoroughfare into Bass Strait.

Lend Lease purchased the Rosmech Scarab Mistral, as it was a good machine, and suitable to their general sweeping and drain cleaning requirements. After testing and inspecting other Road Sweepers, the decision was made the the Rosmech Scarab Mistral was the superior machine for the task at hand.

To boost the impressive power of the Scarab Mistral, this unit is fitted with a High Pressure 30 Litres/min @ 200bar, 13m Hose & Hand Lance, High Pressure Water Front Spray Bar, and Sweep Wash & Both Side Brush Operation. A High Pressure Water Boost Spray Bar is also fitted at the Rear of the Suction Nozzle Box on both Left and Right Hand Sides.Wide Sweep Broom Power Thrust (Up/Down Pressure). Assisting with drain cleaning opperations, a Roof Mounted Overhead Boom with Electric Assist is fitted to the unit, with Wander Hose Extensions.

Safety is paramount to Rosmech and our customers, to ensure the safety of operators and the public, this new Scarab Mistral has been fitted with a CCTV Camera with Left, Right and Rear Camera Locations, and an impressive 6.4 inch Monitor, alongside a Rear Directional LED Light Bar and Small Arrow Board.

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21st February 2013