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Wyndham City Council purchase a Scarab Mistral

Wyndham City Council have purchased a new Scarab Mistral. A Rosmech customer for 11 years, Wyndham City Council's operators love the ease of use of Rosmech Scarab sweepers, and are impressed by the suction power provided throughout the life of the sweeper. Their new Scarab Mistral will work alongside their Scarab Merlin, and Scarab Major sweepers.

The new Scarab Mistral is fitted with a range of additional extras such as; a high pressure water system and sweep wash facility which included a detergent wask kit with additional spray bars fitted at the rear of both suction nozzle boxes, it also comes equipped with additional safety features including LED arrow boards, and 4 additional LED beacons.  For operator comfort, Wyndham City Council have installed a powerful pioneer CD player along with 100 watt speakers fitted around the Hino 500 cab.

Charlie Desera, the new operator of the new Scarab Mistral, says “this is the best sweeper we have, and the new cummins auxiliary engine is much quieter and certainly provides better fuel economy this along with Rosmech’s fantastic support on both servicing and parts supply means we have a high specification sweeper that is on the road for longer, keep up the good work in producing great sweepers “

For more information about the Scarab Mistral, click here

19th December 2012