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High Pressure Equipment


Ghibli Gumkiller

New to the Australian market is the Ghibli Gumkiller, which is the ideal unit for removing chewing gum and posters from walls, footpaths and street furniture with the greatest of ease and without causing any damage to surfaces. 

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Ghibli Skid Unit 180/21 DE-HR 

The Ghibli Skid Unit 180/21 DE-HR is a multi-purpose self contained unit ideally suited to high pressure water cleaning applications within the industrial, municipal, civil and military fields. This unit was specifically designed to utilise the latest technology in high pressure water cleaning whilst maintaining an environmentally friendly approach with no need for chemicals.

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Ghibli Skid Silent

The Ghibli Skid Silent is a remarkable product that has been designed to work silently and can be used to easily and safely eliminate a range of contaminates, graffiti and gum from a variety of sensitive and valuable surfaces.

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