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Ghibli Skid Silent

Ghibli Skid Silent

New to the Australian market is the Ghibli Skid Silent that can be used to easily and safely eliminate a range of contaminates, graffiti and gum from a variety of sensitive and valuable surfaces.

The Ghibli Skid Silent is a remarkable product that has been designed to work silently whilst providing high quality cleaning capabilities utilising high pressure water, a 3 HP compressor, air and a natural based cleaning product. This unique combination ensures that the most delicate of surfaces such as monuments, historical facades and polished marble or granite can be cleaned without compromise, leaving surfaces dry within minutes to allow for immediate anti-corrosive or water proofing treatments to be applied.

Equipped with a 50 litre capacity stainless steel water tank, pressurised tank to suit your natural vegetable or mineral based cleaning product, 15 metre pipe with spray gun, handle and remote controls for air, water or cleaning agent along with a hose reel and 20 metre hose, the Ghibli Skid Silent can be left safely on the ground whilst providing the ability for you to clean at considerable heights and distances. Additional to all these features, the Ghibli Skid Silent contains an inlet for external water supply to enable cleansing of larger areas for a longer period of time, thus optimising performance due to less downtime for refilling.

Ideal for: Monuments, Historical Facades, Aluminum, Polished Granite and Marble Surfaces, Restoration and Recovery of Surfaces without Causing Damage.

Benefits of the Ghibli Skid Silent

  • Operates Silently
  • Environmentally Friendly - Uses no chemicals and no sand
  • Low running costs
  • Low water consumption
  • Areas can be used immediately after treatment
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 - 3 HP Compressor, total absorbed power 4kW, 400 V, 3-phase, 50/60HZ
 - 1200 mm
 - 1160 mm
 - 900 mm
 - 320 kg
 - 50 litres