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Scarab M25H

Scarab M25H Compact Sweeper

The Scarab M25H may be compact, but it towers over its competitors in terms of sweeping capacity, efficiency and power. With its large 2.5m³ capacity stainless steel hopper and 2340mm sweep width thanks to a unique four brush sweeping pattern, the specially designed Scarab Minor can sweep more effectively and for a greater amount of time, minimising down time for dumping. Adding to the units’ versatility there is also an on-board 450 litre water tank and a heavy duty water pump which powers the low-pressure front spray bar, brush and suction nozzle jets. With so many features it’s no surprise the Scarab Minor is an industry favourite.

The Scarab Minor has been specially designed to be a versatile and powerful sweeper with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes. This ensures it is light enough to be driven on footpaths and bike tracks however still large enough to provide the capabilities required to complete bigger jobs such as cleaning of car parks, industrial and mining sites, infrastructure projects, precinct and warehouse sweeping and street sweeping.

Powered by the efficient Stage IIIB turbo charged Deutz diesel engine, the Scarab M25H has a travel speed of up to 65 km/h and an output of 56 kW at 1,200 RPM. It also utilizes Scarab’s renowned hydrostatic drive system to operate all the sweeping applications that can be controlled through the latest version of the CANbus Control System providing ease of use and comfort for the operator.

Ideal for: Precinct sweeping, CBD sweeping, car park and bike path sweeping.

The Benefits of Scarab's CANbus Technology:

  • Illuminated symbols when the sweeping functions have been engaged
  • A more compact, less intrusive console and door pod with improved ergonomics
  • Simplified chassis wiring - minimising errors such as short or open circuits
  • Lower servicing down-time with the ability to identify faults with self diagnostics
  • Has the facility to easily incorporate a GPS system that can record sweeping data


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 - Duetz TCD 2.9L4, Stage IIIB diesel engine with turbo charger and intercooler
 - 4230 mm
 - 2245 mm
 - 1650 mm
 - up to 65 km/h
 - 2.5 cubic metres
 - 2.1 cubic metres
 - 450 litres
 - 2170 to 2340 mm