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Scarab Mistral Isuzu

Mounted on a Isuzu FSR 700/850 Automatic Cab Chassis

The Scarab Mistral is a modern version of the traditional auxiliary engine sweeper and combines Scarab’s renowned sweeping technology with the power of the Cummins B3 turbo-charged diesel engine. The Cummins engine is more durable and quieter than conventional engines as it runs at a lower RPM and therefore is more fuel efficient. With this in mind, the engine works to complement Scarab’s compact design and their hydraulic drive system that powers all the suction and sweeping applications quietly and economically. Further to this, their unique drive system also eliminates the need for complex drive belt arrangements or gear boxes and therefore less wearing parts for maintenance.

One of the key features of the Scarab Mistral is the conversion of the steering configuration to dual steer using genuine Isuzu components including a second steering box. The benefits include lighter and more precise steering than a cross shaft dual steer conversion for the life of the road sweeper and greater maneuverability around objects like cars and road or site obstacles.  The Isuzu FSR 700/850 is Euro V compliant, has a GVM of 14 tonne and is powered by the 7.7 litre Sitec Series III 235 diesel engine with an output of 176kW at 2,400 RPM (731Nm at 1,450 RPM).

Ideal for: Road sweeping, car park sweeping and site sweeping.


The Benefits of Scarab's CANbus Technology:

  • Illuminated symbols when the sweeping functions have been engaged
  • A more compact, less intrusive console and door pod with improved ergonomics
  • Simplified chassis wiring - minimising errors such as short or open circuits
  • Lower servicing down-time with the ability to identify faults with self diagnostics
  • Has the facility to easily incorporate a GPS system that can record sweeping data


View our Scarab Mistral Brochure & Technical Specifications



 - Sitec Series III 235 7.7 litre diesel, Euro V compliant, 6 cylinder electronically controlled variable nozzle turbo charger with air-to-air intercooler
 - Cummins QSB 3.3 litre diesel
 - 6280mm (including Chassis & Sweeper)
 - 3100mm (including Overhead Boom Option, Chassis & Sweeper)
 - 2215mm (including Chassis & Sweeper)
 - up to 100 km/h
 - 6.5 cubic metres
 - 5.5 cubic metres
 - 1250 litres
 - up to 3200 mm